When the spirit sets free


We are a body, mind and soul in one. Walking around on this earth as human beings can make us forget that we are a soul living a human experience. People keep on reminding me that I am human because sometimes I forget. I become one with all that is and only my spirit remains. This blog is about the process of merging body, mind and soul into one.

The body

The body is a beautiful vessel. A vessel we have been given to live and experience life through. It is a vessel to take care of and foster, but did you know that the body follows what the mind thinks? So it is your thoughts that essentially determine how your body acts. If your mind believes you cannot do something, your body will start to tense up and play into that reality of not being able to do it. If your mind believes you are a vegan, the body will start responding more and more to not digesting milky products well.

You might ask how it works when the body does something that you do not feel you have ever thought of. This is where the unconscious plays a part. 95% of our thoughts are unconscious which means that we are not aware of them. All these thoughts also influence our bodies. These thoughts might be from television, from friends, from family. It does not really matter but what matters is whether they are helpful for your body and life or not.

So you can see the body as a mirror that reflects your unconscious thoughts. Where is it that you can become aware of your unconscious and change it in a way that makes more sense for your life. When you realize the thoughts you are having, you can then reframe these thoughts until the new thoughts become unconscious and automatic again.

Let’s take an example. You feel overworked and feel like work is piling up constantly. You cannot keep up and feel your body getting more and more stressed. Remember that the body is responding to your thoughts, so there must be a thought that the work is related to stress somehow. More work means more stress, might be the unconscious thought. The work is still the same so unless you want to change your job, you will have to change the effect that the work has on your body. How can we change the thought into one that does not generate stress but relaxation. Working gives me energy, for example. I love my work.

The mind

Now that we understand the body a bit better let’s look at the mind more. Where do thoughts from the mind come from? Thoughts cannot just pop up from nowhere. They must come from somewhere. We have picked them up somewhere. In our environment, from people around us, or we have created them based on our experiences. That means that whatever thoughts are playing through your head at the moment are a reflection of the past. Although this is a depressing thought, it is also an uplifting thought because it means that you can change your thoughts now to change your future. 

You can decide whether you approve or recect a thought.

So how do you change your thoughts? You need to change your internal world first. Become aware of the thoughts that are repeating on a regular basis by keeping a thought diary. Write down the recurring thoughts that come back again and again. When the thoughts are not helpful, you can reframe them. Reframing simply means changing the thoughts into a more positive version, one that actually serves you. Let's share a movie that helps you understand how to reframe your thoughts efficiently.
But thoughts do not only come from our internal environment. They also come from our external environment. We are constantly taking in things, sentences, stimuli from the outside world. Imagine you are constantly surrounded by people that are very negative. The way they see the world will start to affect the way you see the world, unless you are extremely strong mentally and can stay in your own positive world while hanging out with them. But most people are pretty sensitive to their environments and will be more likely to be negative when surrounded by negative people. 

That means that it is important to ask yourself whether the outside world is lifting you up or putting you down. Are the people around you inspiring you to be a better version of yourself? Are the people around you doing things that you want to do or like doing? 

If the answer is no, the solution is simple and yet difficult, change your external world and change the people you hang out with. Find environments where people are lifting each other up, find people that you find inspiring, places that you find inspiring. You will be surprised by how much your internal thoughts will change when you change your environment.

The soul

And then there is the soul. The spirit. The soul is limitless, free, expansive. It knows no limits because it is empty space, it is all that exists. Have you ever felt moments where you lost complete sense of time and space? Moments that you were flowing with life so easily that it became effortless? That is the soul at work. 

I believe the work here on earth is to remember that we are essentially spirit, that we are timelessness. When we start remembering that, the body and mind will start working for us and all three can start working as a team. Imagine the body, mind and soul as a team being led by the spirit. Imagine a complete union and living an effortless life in which all your dreams just become reality in front of your eyes? 

So how do you rememember spirit? By allowing yourself to be led. By surrendering to life, to magic. By training the spirit and the soul so that it becomes more at ease when time and space and other concepts are falling away that we have always learned reality existed from. 

The more we become comfortable with these moments, the more the soul can start acting as a chief, as a confident CEO that runs team body, mind and soul. And the more you can feel free, happy and at ease.

Life is not meant to be difficult, it is meant to be easy. 


The body, mind and soul are all there for a reason. But just like in a team at work, not everyone is a natural leader. You want to appoint the best leader. The best leader in this case is your spirit. 

Can you allow your spirit to set free? Can you allow yourself to be expansive and wild?

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