Course overview


Move through your awakening process with ease and joy and get all the tools you need to understand what is happening to you.

6 weeks


€ 111

Exercises and meditations


Awakening with ease

This course is created for anyone that is currently going through the awakening process. It does not matter which stage of the awakening process you are in. This course will help you to make sense of what is happening to, or actually for you. 

What is happening and why?

You will learn about the awakening process and which symptoms you can experience during this process. 

What is my soul purpose?

We help you to get more insight into what your purpose is in life. It is time to wake up to your power!

How do I move through this process?

You will learn about energy and how you can work with it on a daily basis. This way you can use it to your advantage and move through your process with ease.

Course outline

Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Roosmarijn

I'll be your companion throughout your awakening process. I've gone through my awakening process the last number of years.  And man, it was tough. Especially since I had no-one to guide me on my journey.

The good news is that I figured out everything on my own, which allowed me to step into my purpose to be a guide for others who are now going through the same journey. I look forward to sharing my love for spiritual development with you to help you reach your full potential!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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