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Intuitive eating

Move towards a healthier relationship with food and your own  beautiful body. Eating does not have to be a struggle but can be a joy!

8 weeks


€ 444

Exercises and meditations


Happy and intuitive eating

This course is designed to help participants develop a healthy and intuitive relationship with food. It focuses on understanding the connection between our bodies, emotions, and eating habits. Through a combination of self-reflection, mindfulness practices, and practical exercises, participants will learn to listen to their bodies, rebuild trust, and cultivate a positive relationship with food.

Re-connect deeply to your body

You will learn how to reconnect deeply with your own body and how to honour its needs through exercises and meditation.

Master the art of intuitive eating

Learn all the principles of intuitive eating and master the art of eating in an intuitive way.

Learn how to receive

Learn how to receive foods again and even more importanly, learn how to receive life again. It is time to become the receiver rather than the giver!

Course outline

Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Roosmarijn

I'll be your companion throughout this course. I have been on quite a journey when it comes to food. My digestive system was unhappy for years and although I felt great being vegan, I kept on searching for the solution to heal my digestive system. On that quest, food became more of a strain than a joy.

That is when I started building an eating habit that really worked for me which was intuitive eating. In this course I will share more with you about my journey back to happy and intuitive eating, getting more in connection with the authentic needs of the body.

Patrick Jones - Course author
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