About us

We help people understand their spiritual potential and integrate it into their human life

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Our core values



We still believe in magic! In all the years that we have guided people we have seen that miracles really do exist. Body aches suddenly disappearing, relationships improving tremendously, mothers that could give birth again after having told that they were unable. Or being able to feel yourself again after years of feeling lost. With the Healer Academy we want to make the impossible possible again. We want to facilitate real and practical changes that might seem impossible in the mind. All you have to do is believe. Do you still believe in magic?


In our daily lives we work towards growing every single day. We are working on becoming a better and better version of ourselves on a daily basis. By eating healthy food, exercising and investing in our spiritual practice. Little steps can make a huge difference on the long run. With the Healer Academy we want to help you grow. We find it super important to facilitate empowerment and growth of ourselves and our clients. Not by holding you at the hand but by showing you the path that you can walk yourself!


One of the basic needs of a human being is the need of belonging. It is as important as the need for food and shelter for existence. Therefore, one of our values is connection. We want to provide a healing community where you can deeply connect with other people that are on the same path. Because sometimes it feels like you are doing the work alone, but you are not. Together we can achieve more and the process becomes so much more fun!


It is very common in spirituality to fly out of our bodies and to hold on to the experience of bliss that we can feel there. But we are here. On the earth to live a human life! We want to bring groundedness to spirituality again. So that you can reach your full spiritual potential, but also know how to live a happy life here on earth. It is only when you are fully grounded that you can fully embody your purpose and mission here on earth.

My story

The idea of the Healer Academy came to Roosmarijn when she was having a session with a client. The client was explaining her how she had trouble grounding and how alone she felt on this journey. As she was speaking Roosmarijn realized she had so many more clients like her. This could not be a coincidence.

Many clients were going through a similar journey and they all asked her for help. We had to do something with this information. How could we connect them all together and help them out with common obstacles in a more convenient way than 1 on 1!? And so The Healer Academy was born.

The Healer Academy is built especially for souls like you. It is built to help you on every step of the healing journey. It will provide you with all knowledge and support you need along the way.
At the heart of the academy

Roosmarijn Malmberg

Let's just say I have lived a weird life in which spirituality kept knocking on my door. Sometimes more gentle, sometimes harder.

From developing shaking episodes to starting to see my past lives to getting messages from people that have passed away. All sorts of things were happening for me that helped me to dive deeper into the world of spirituality.

So far I have helped more than 1000 people to bring their body, mind and soul into alignment so that they can live their full purpose and mission in this world. Are you living yours?

What our community says about us 

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I knew I needed help from someone powerful and trustworthy, and the universe delivered. I am incredibly grateful for Roosmarijn' gifts, for her dedication to her God given talents, and to the universe for pointing me in her direction. The healing work is amazing and incredibly thorough. I feel 1 million times lighter and ready to continue to serve.

I highly recommend the Healer Academy to anyone ready to open up the lid keeping them away from the light.


Our paths crossed when a mutual friend introduced us, as we happened to be in the same location. I decided to jump in and try it out. Our interactions culminated in a deep dive into my blockages which brought new perspectives and energies into my life.

I love the vibes and healing work we have done together, and would highly recommend seekers to embark on an inner journey with Roosmarijn. You get to know yourself at such a deep level.


It is so hard to put words to what happened to me on my journey with Roosmarijn. The most important thing is that I felt so seen. In all of my being, the darker parts and the lighter parts! This has allowed me to sink much deeper inside of my soul and to feel safe inside my own body again.

It resonated deeply with me and I would highly recommend the Healer Academy if you are seeking spiritual guidance or have questions and would like to receive guidance on your path.
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