Dancing with the Wind: Understanding the Wind Element and Using it to your Benefit


Maybe you have heard of the Dutch word 'uitwaaien'. The Dutch language is one of the only languages that has a word for enjoying being blown away in the wind. The wife of my brother hates it, but personally I have always liked the wind element. The wind element represents change and transformation and in Ayurveda it is connected to vata, air. Having too much vata or too much wind can be detrimental, just like too little wind can feel like your life is stuck somehow. This blog is about what the wind is and learning how to dance with the wind.

What the wind represents

The wind is one of the most frowned upon elements. Being blown by wind in your face is not something that most people aspire or enjoy. But there is so much power to the wind blowing in your face when you really learn to enjoy it!

Have you ever fully surrendered to the wind blowing strongly and just allowed yourself to see where the wind wants to take you? Have you ever felt like you were simply a leaf in the wind not having a place in mind to go but simply seeing where was the right place to land for that moment?

The power of change

Recently I started reading more about change. We think we have a lot of stability in life but in reality we do not at all because everything is ever changing. Did you know that whatever you see in front of you now is actually in two places at once? Your mind simply brings these mental images together to form one simple image so that you can make better sense of the world.

When you realize that everything is always in motion because everything consists of energy, it becomes easier to embrace the wind and changes of life. You start to realize that change is an inherent part of life and actually a constant invitation to renew and re-evaluate. With every gust of wind, you can check in with yourself again to see whether you like your life as it is or whether changes need to be made.

Letting go of resistance

A big part of learning how to dance in the wind has to go with letting go of our natural resistance to change. As a human being we naturally resist change. We want all the good in our life to stay and all the bad to go. But life does not work like that. It is transient in nature.

And when rather than trying to find stability or security you embrace this transient nature of life, you will gain an enormous sense of freedom. You no longer try to bring stillness to motion but you are allowing yourself to go with the motion itself.

When you do that, you will feel much deeper relaxation and a deeper surrender to life itself. Life becomes a dance in motion, ever-changing, ever-evolving. You no longer become the person to have to change life but you become the observer.

It is like watching a good movie. A really good movie just draws you in, sucks you in. Sometimes it almost feels like like space and time disappear and you just become the movie for a moment. There is nothing more to do or to be, just being there to watch whatever wants to unfold in front of your eyes. Life is not much different. But can you allow yourself to become the observer rather than the doer or the changer? Can you allow yourself to take a step back and let some of the resistance go in order to become more in tune with life itself?

Finding silence in the storm

When you do that something magical happens. You will find a certain sense of deep peace. There is nothing more to do. No one more to be. No line to take in life. No goals to achieve. You stop doing and start being.

This does not mean that you will not do anything anymore but it means that the doing automatically arises from your being. It is not something you think about or something that you consciously do, but the action becomes effortless and automatic.

It is hard to put this into words until you have experienced it. But one day, dear soul, you will experience it. And you also will find silence in the storm.

Because when peace arises, you can simply watch the storm from a deep inner knowing that all will be okay because all is already okay right where you are. You will find silence in the storm because you have found silence within your being.

Shamanic retreats

The beautiful thing of this peace is that it can be trained. When we realize where our resistance is, we can also consciously decide to let go of it. On our shamanic retreats we work towards a deeper sense of inner peace in our being. So that we can find silence and stillness more and more in an ever-changing world.

We do this by immersing ourselves deeper within the elements in order to understand the power that every element withholds. By really seeing the element at play, like seeing a waterfall at full force, you can start to feel the power of the water. Until one day you become it. If you feel a calling to deepen your shamanic practice and find more balance within, you are most warmely invited to join our next retreat.


In this blog we dove into the element of wind. The element that represents change and motion. We explored what the wind element really means and how change is inherently a part of life. And when you deeply realize that and you can let go of any resistance you have towards change, you can find a sense of peace with whatever comes your way.
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