Anchor the light

A shamanic healing retreat in the beautiful and wild nature of the Azores. Immerse yourself in the elements to anchor your light deeper within your being.


22-29 September 2024


Laughing Orchard, Azores


€ 2800
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Deeply immerse yourself in nature

When we immerse ourselves in nature, our body, mind and soul can come to rest. It is like our entire being can come to stillness and just feel that it can simply be.

In the Western world we are used to moving and taking action. We are used to constantly being on, but what if we allow ourselves to be off for a while? What happens then?

There is no better place to do so than in the Azores where the elements are so close by. The rugged mountains, wild oceans, hot springs and volcanic lands, winds, magical pristine nature sites. Everything will be present on site for you to be held. Familial accomodation, yummy food and a program to invite you to go deeper and anchor your light deep within your being.

We will take you through all the elements, with each day representing one element. This way you can feel what that element represents inside of you and find a connection with the element outside of you. So within, so without.

Are you ready to let yourself be still, held in loving arms and anchor your light deep within? 

Join us on this magical high-vibe island and leave the retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to embrace a new self that shines bright.

8 days in the Azores

You will spend 8 days on the beautiful island of the Azores in an orchard where you are surrounded by nature. Every day we will explore a new element followed by a day for integration, self-care and optional activities. We will provide a good balance of learning and play, activities, safety and challenge so that you can step into the fullest version of you! Please note that the schedule is prone to change so that we can provide the best activity at the best weather conditions.


FIRE: Ignite your inner flame

Begin your day with an energizing meditation, setting the tone for purposeful action. Then, bask in the rejuvenating sounds of a transformative healing session amidst the comforting warmth of a hot spring. Feel the powerful vibrations and soothing waters uplift your entire being.

In the afternoon, explore mindful connections and tantra, delving into intimacy and spiritual alignment. Finally, conclude with a meaningful fire ceremony, releasing any lingering fears and obstacles to fully expressing your passion and potential.

WIND: Express yourself freely and authentically

Tap into those hidden parts of yourself itching to break free. What untapped potential lies within you, eager to burst forth? Start the day with a dance on the beach, allowing your hair to be swept in the wind and all your worries to be washed away by the ocean. 

Then, in the afternoon, let's dive into a fun breathing workshop to connect with the air element even more. 

At night we will enjoy another yummy home-cooked meal celebrating the air element.


EARTH: Learn to Surrender deeply to Life

Life is on our side, not against us. When we grasp this truth, we can surrender completely and let the earth support us. Today, we'll wander into the forest for a hike, embracing the tranquility of simply being present. What thoughts arise when the mind quiets and the body finds stillness?

Later, we'll gather for a cacao ceremony, tapping into the enchanting spirit of chocolate to ground ourselves even deeper.

At night you can enjoy an earthy and grounding meal from our beautiful chefs Marta and Evita. 

WATER: Flow with Ease and Grace

Water, flowing effortlessly along the path of least resistance, remains a symbol of power and majesty. Our day begins with intuitive movement, syncing with the fluidity of existence.

Next, we'll journey to witness the breathtaking beauty of island waterfalls and feel the healing properties of water. 

In the afternoon, we'll delve into the Akashic Records, seeking clarity and profound insights to enrich our lives.


ETHER: Connecting to all of life

Take a moment to reflect on the strides you've made this week, honoring your journey and celebrating your growth. In the morning there is the possibility to engage in healing exchanges, honing your newfound healing abilities by offering support to others.

Later, venture to one of the region's most potent and sacred ancient sites, soaking in its profound energy. Finally, gather for a closing ceremony, anchoring the light within and carrying it forth into your daily life.

21 days online program

Next to our program on site in Portugal, we also offer an online program to make sure that you will be fully prepared before you come and can integrate the lessons once you come home.  This will help you to integrate the journey of growth and transformation in your daily life and cultivate lasting change, allowing you to anchor the light deep within.

Preparation (14 days)

You will get ready to embark on a transformative soul journey and connect deeply to the healing power of the group. We will offer a mix of different exercises to prepare you properly for the journey ahead. 

With a focused mind and open heart, you are ready to unlock the infinite potential within you and embrace the transformative power of healing once you arrive in Portugal.

Integration (7 days)

As a group we will continue to inspire and support each other on our individual journeys, even after the retreat has ended.

Through ongoing exercises and practices, we will stay connected and help each other grow, further unleashing the infinite potential within us. We will also assist you in setting up your business so that you can bring your work into the world.

The Azores is calling your name.

Welcome to the Azores, an archipelago of unmatched beauty nestled in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Picture-perfect landscapes, azure blue waters, and lush greenery await you in this hidden gem of Portugal.

The Azores’ island of Sao Miguel is a beautiful and powerful place. As a young volcanic island, it carries the most ancient energy of creation, since volcanoes created all the land on Earth. Part of modern Portugal, the island is modern, safe, and easy to travel to both from the US and from Europe.

We could not have wished for a better location than Laughing Orchard. It features a 3 acre fruit garden, a sauna, two houses and several cabins for participants. Its location is within a walking distance from a unique natural geyser park and several hot springs, and it takes only 15 minutes to drive to a black sand ocean beach.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the location?

The retreat takes place on the biggest island of the Azores called Sao Miguel. We are lucky enough to be hosted by Laughing Orchard,  a beautiful retreat space close to Furnas (check the website). The center has been founded based on a vision of creating a balance between thinking and dreaming, mainstream and shamanistic perception, and left-brain and right-brain. On this big and beautiful orchard it is easy to feel right at home. There is a yoga deck for us to enjoy, basic but comfortable rooms, a sauna and lots of space simply to be. You can taste the love when you arrive here. The orchard is right next to some hot springs and close by a lot of nature sights and also close by a city with all that you might need if you are craving more city vibes. 

What is included in the price?

Pretty much everything! Included in the price is:
  • 7 nights of accomodation (private room available for surcharge)
  • 3 healthy nourishing plant-based meals a day 
  • An inspiring program on all retreat days
  • The preparation and integration phase
  • All ceremonies: cacao ceremony, fire ceremony
  • A special sound healing with a guest sound healer

Not included is:
  • Transport to and from the center
  • Flights
  • Optional activities on free days

How do I get there?

To reach the Laughing Orchards on the Azores Islands, you'll typically need to fly to one of the major airports on the islands. São Miguel Island, with its Ponta Delgada Airport (João Paulo II Airport), is the most common entry point for international travelers. 

From there, we highly recommend hiring a car so that you are free to explore some of the sights around the center in your free time. Public transport is not so accessible on the island. If you need any help or want us to arrange a pick up, please let us know too.

Is there a lot of free time?

We have arranged a free day in the middle of the program so that you have time to rejuvenate and explore some of the magical sites on the island.

Apart from that we will do our best to adjust the schedule according to your needs so please let us know if you feel like you want more quiet time or free time to integrate.

We highly recommend booking a few extra nights so that you get time to explore the island!

Do I need any experience in order to join?

No! We welcome anyone to join the retreat. It is nice when you are familiar with some of the healing modalities we will offer, like meditation and breathwork. But if you are not, no better time to start than here. 

We are happy to guide the way and are so proud of you for choosing to deepen your practice and your connection with yourself and nature. 

How many people can enroll?

We really want to offer a high quality and individualized program. That is why we will keep the group to maximum 12 people. This way there is plenty of space for everyone and we can cater to all individual needs that arise during the retreat.

Is smoking, drinking, drugs allowed?

We have decided to make this retreat completely alcohol and smoking free, and also drugs free. This is because we want to invite participants to step beyond their normal living circumstances and see how deeply they can get in tune with themselves. We believe that there is nothing that boosts more confidence and trust in yourselves than being able to enjoy a happy life without alcohol or drugs!

Why is the schedule subject to change?

The Azores is an island that breathes all the elements. Since we have chosen for an elemental nature, we want to make sure that you can fully immerse yourself in the element that is focus that day. That is why we will carefully check the schedule each day to see whether the activities we planned are most in line with the weather forecast.

Another thing we keep an eye out is the status of the group. If we have planned a very high intense activity and the group requires more rest, than we might also throw the schedule around. Like this we can make sure the schedule fits perfectly with the group and the weather conditions of the day.
Meet the guides

Roosmarijn Malmberg

I have felt lost on the journey many times. Struggling how to balance my spiritual and earthy gifts. Losing balance and getting back on the ground. Surfing and nature always helped me achieve a sense of stillness, of peace. 

I cannot wait to go with you to the Azores, an island that has been calling my name for many years. Everything about the island feels magical. Nature that is untouched, people living so close to their inner nature. So much to learn and so much to discover.

As a shaman I have been guiding people through the darkness back to the light for many years. One of my strengths is to provide a safe space for you so that you can feel supported in whatever journey you are allowed to make whilst being on the island. I will host a lot of the meditations and healing activations during the week and will put my channeling and clairvoyant abilities to good use to make sure that the program is perfect for your body, mind and soul. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
Patrick Jones - Course author

Michael Schaffner

I have a deep love of nature and the elemental processes all around us. Early on I received my degree in geology. Upon awakening and discovering my multidimensional self, I began to tap into many different aspects of the energetic world all around us.

I cannot wait to set foot on the Azores. The epic beauty of nature and the elements have been calling me. Calling me home I feel. The connection with Atlantis the islands have is both fascinating and energetically supportive of our gathering.

Not too long ago I took my first plunge into an immersion retreat. It was life changing in so many ways. I would encourage you to tune into this event this gathering this experience and see is it calling you. I will lead several outdoor activities and hold a workshop (playshop) one evening on the use of copper tensor rings and related technology for health and wellness.

I look forward to the gathering of our group which I know is highly supported for each one of us at this time.
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Meet the chefs

Marta and Evita

My name is Marta, I am a regenerative farmer, and food represents for me the beginning and the end of our most intimate interaction with Mother Earth. Cooking has been for me a beautiful alchemy of the elements in which I always find great pleasure, love and gratitude. “Soul cooking" - as we like to describe our service - arises from the heart and devotion we put and aim to transmit through each preparation. We support and encourage a conscious eating lifestyle, generally plant-based, gluten-free and sugar-free, adapting as much as possible to the needs of the ones we serve.

My name is Evita, my mission is to offer healthy food, super delicious, full of flavor and nutrition, but yet simple. I love to play with texture, color and taste to make food be experienced at many levels. I serve what I eat, mostly plant based, seasonal, even though I am an omnivore.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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