Roosmarijn Malmberg

     5.0 - 1000+ clients
I came here to help you remember. To remember who you are and why you came here. You are so much more than just a human being alone. You are powerful beyond belief.

Are you ready to discover your full potential and purpose in this life and clear any blockages that might be standing in the way?

In my sessions we go deep. With a combination of reiki, shamanism, sound healing and mediumship we work on aligning the body, mind and soul to a state of wholeness.

Frequently asked questions

What will I experience during the session?

Energy is magic. Thus, it is hard to say what will happen exactly. But the following things could happen:
  • You can receive insights or even see images that can teach you something
  • Maybe you get memories of past lives or even visions of the future
  • You can experience peace, a feeling of lightness or a feeling of joy
  • You feel little sensations in your body, such as tingling, light flashes, warmth or cold
  • You can experience different emotions flowing through your body such as extreme joy or happiness
  • It is also possible to experience darkness and heavier emotions: this means a lower frequency is coming to light and is now being freed from your body.

What can I expect afterwards?

You can expect to feel more light and relieved. It can take a few more days for old emotions to fully leave your system but after that you will have found a new balance.

If you fully believe in my guidance and your own self-healing potential, you can expect magic to happen. I have seen back pain disappear after one session, I have seen relationships completely change, I have seen people getting a job straight after the session. I have seen loved ones coming through and speaking to their relatives. I have seen people grounding for the first time ever in their lives and I have seen people being able to get children again after being told they could not.

I believe in magic. Do you?

What should I prepare?

  • You can prepare one or two questions that you would like to look at during the session. 
  • During the sessions make sure you are sitting down at a place which is comfortable and where you cannot be disturbed. It is important to put both of your feet on the ground during the session, so ideally sitting straight on a chair. But if you feel called to lie down that is also fine.
  • It might be nice to have a notebook close just in case you want to write down insights straight after the session.
  • I always advice people to move before the session. This can be any kind of movement. Something that you enjoy and like. Moving simply helps to allow the energy to flow freely and easily during the session.

Why would I work with you?

Let me give you a few reasons:
  • I always see the highest potential in people and I can easily access your blueprint so that you can come back there
  • I have been through the highs and lows of the spiritual path. I have seen the most darkest and the most light places so I can hold space for you wherever you are
  • I have given more than 1000 sessions and have a lot of experience
  • I am deeply grounded so we can travel very high but also ground the energy afterwards
  • I am highly empathic, lighthearted and put love in everything I do

Reviews about Roosmarijn



The session deeply moved me and has left a lasting impression. With her uncomplicated, friendly and authentic manner, a very pleasant and trusting atmosphere developed right from the start. I have found answers to some questions that I had carried around with me for very a long time. I am very grateful for this experience. Thank you so much Roosmarijn for „opening doors“ and being part of my journey!



Dear Roosmarijn, thank you for the beautiful deep moments. They were so valuable. You tuned in and I could move with you. It felt like a natural collaboration with the higher spirits. After one of the sessions I was allowed to experience a miracle, the cosmic energy came through me and conjured a heart in my fried egg in the pan. Amazing. My heart overflowed with JOY. Thank you Roosmarijn for being pure !!



As an intuitive guide, I knew I needed help from someone powerful and trustworthy, and the universe delivered. I am incredibly grateful for Roosmarijn's gifts, for her dedication to her God given talents, and to the universe for pointing me in her direction. The healing work is amazing and incredibly thorough. I feel 1 million times lighter and ready to continue to serve.
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