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Meet our team of Healers

Our healers are pure individuals with open hearts that can guide and assist you on your journey towards wholeness. On their pages you can read more about them and see who you resonate with most. Once you feel like it, you can book a session with one of the healers, register for a group event or a trajectory.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know who to work with?

We advice you to read the different pages of the healers and feel with your body who you want to work with. You can read the text and watch the pictures and then close your eyes. Ask yourself: 'What do you feel?'. Do you feel like your heart is opening or contracting? Do you feel like you are feeling more light or do you feel more heavy?

Pick the healer that makes you feel the way you want to feel!

What have you selected people on?

We do not just work with anyone. We have carefully selected the team so that we know that you will be asissted by the best people in the field!

Inside of our healers we look for:
- Purity of heart
- A love and joy for what they do. This is not work for them. It is their mission. It is who they are.
- The ability to make clients feel safe and nurtured
- The ability to activate your healing potential
- The belief in our core values

Can I also book a face to face session?

Our healers are situated all over the world but for now we only offer the opportunity for an online session. In the future we want to start organizing retreats so that you can work with our team face to face.

Online healing is just as powerful as face to face healing. It even has benefits because you can be in your own safe space when you do the session!

You are not meant to do it alone!

An outsider perspective

An outsider can often see more clearly what is happening to you than you. So patterns can come up that you would not have been able to identify on your own 

Get inspired

Even when you are a healer yourself, working with other people can be a source of inspiration for your own sessions.

Allow someone to hold you

When you are truly held by someone else, you can sink deeper into relaxation so that you can move into deeper alignment with who you are

Feel more joy, love and light

Every time something releases inside of you, you will allow more light and love to flow through you!
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