Surrender to life: Remembering our original essence


Lately I have been called to surrender deeper and deeper to life. In the Western World we are being taught to make things work. To work in order to live. To manipulate or push in order to reach our goals. This creates a very masculine approach to life which works until the body gives up on you. The body will already give you signs during this time that this approach is not durable, but if you are like me you might be very good in ignoring them and just keep on falling back to the same old pattern which you know is not working but at least it is safe and comfortable.

But what if we can live a life where we feel fully supported by life? Where life is simply leading us to where we need to be and thinking becomes almost irrelevant because the mind has nothing to do anymore. What if the body can feel such deep peace that it can recharge and relax and take time to retract from life when that is most needed? What if life can be an effortless dance where you reach higher goals than the ones you could have ever made up for yourself? What if?

How are these words sitting in you? Do you feel itchy and restless even reading these words or do they trigger some resonance inside of you? What happens in your body if you genuinely think this is a possibility? Your body keeps a score. What is it telling you right now?

My journey

I had been on a very positive journey for many years. Working as a personal trainer, guiding healing and reading sessions and coaching surfing all over the world until. Everything just stopped. From one day to another I had no more sessions, no more work and my body started to scream at me to give up veganism and start eating everything again. At that time I was in the jungle in Costa Rica. In a wooden hut in a small fishermen village where there was nothing much to do besides surfing and chilling. This gave my body the invitation to calm down and to start talking to me what it had been trying to communicate. I developed episodes where my body did not want to move at all. Sometimes that would happen on the beach, sometimes in a café.
My body just did not want to move and was pretty much incapable of movement. A very interesting sensation that the mind was not very happy with. I had stuff to do, people to see, things to achieve. But the body had a different plan. It just stayed there on the beach in one position where I was forced or invited to see the world passing by. Slowly I felt my whole body become empty. It was like all emotions, all limiting beliefs and all body pains just went down to the sand inside of the earth. As this was happening I felt my body moving back to pure light, pure love. I also realized that I was hungry mentally but physically I was fine. And somehow the people that I needed to see just pass by.
These moments gave me a glimpse of how life could be. How easy. How effortless. How joyful. But also how hard for the mind to just give in, to surrender.
A guided meditation to deep surrender

Removing layer for layer

So there I was removing so many layers of beliefs that I had been creating around the world. Such as the world is not a safe place. I have to do stuff in order to get anywhere. I have to work hard to be loved, to be accepted. My soul decided to show me the hard way that these beliefs were not fitting, were not true. And all I could do was give in. But you can imagine the layers of frustration, fear, anger that I was passing on the way to more peace. I was scared that I would not have enough money to live from. I was frustrated that I could not serve or do anything for the world. I was angry at my path, at my body for giving up on me.

It took me over two years that all of this was happening for me, and not against me. That is why I am writing this blog now. To share some of the journey with you so that when it happens to you, maybe you can find some peace in the process.

Removing these protective layers around our soul is not an easy process. Especially when you have to do it on your own, it is a lot. Therefore, I want to give you a few tips which could have helped me during this time:
  • Find a support system. Talk to a psychologist, a healer, a friend. If you cannot find spiritual support, at least make sure there is emotional support around you.
  • Keep on reminding yourself that your body and soul are not working against you. They are working for you! The thought of this alone can bring relaxation to the journey. The moment when you can surrender to the journey, that is the moment the body can start to heal to its original frequency again.
  • Focus on the things that you love. When there is nothing to do. Then what is it that you love doing? Focus on those things. See it as a free time of exploration in which you can recharge by doing the things you love.
  • Find a good place to go through this process. Ask yourself what you need in order to heal? Do you feel supported by your boyfriend or do you feel like you need time on your own? Do you want to stay in the city or go to a place in nature? What kind of environment allows you to relax? Finding a suitable environment helps the body relax more which can speed up the process of healing


Healing is not always easy. But it does bring us closer to who we really are. Beings filled with light and love. Allowed to live our lives in this paradise. Sometimes in order to remember, we are being asked to remove the protective layers around our hearts, around our soul. Knowing what to expect when the time comes as well as having some tips and tricks in place can be helpful in order to assist your process. Let me know whether this blog was helpful for you at all and on which topics you would like to see more blogs about in the future!
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