Spiritual relationships

Everyone is looking for love in some kind of way. Love is inherently part of who we are as human beings and since we sometimes forget, it is easier to focus on trying to find love outside. Hence, so many people are looking for ‘the one’. We swipe our asses off on Tinder, we go on blind dates and we keep on hoping that one day that person just rocks up in front of our house.

In this blog I want to write a little bit more about the different kinds of partners you could attract when you are on a spiritual path. Have you heard of karmic relationships, twin flames and soulmates? These are three different types of partners that you might run into at some point of your life. It is important to recognize them so that you understand what the purpose of the meeting is.
In my life I have attracted all three. In this blog I therefore share my own experiences about these relationships. They might be different for each and every one of you but I think that there are also some commonalities when it comes to meeting these kinds of people.

What being attracted really means

Maybe you have not been in love, but I am fully confident that you have felt an attraction to someone at some point in your life. What does attraction really mean? Attraction on a spiritual level simply means that you are meeting this person for a reason and there is something you can learn from each other. As a soul we always want to grow and hence we develop attractions to people that we can learn from. The stronger the attraction, the more we can learn from that person. Attraction is thus something else than love!

Karmic relationships

In karmic relationships the attraction is really strong. It is almost a bit of an addictive attraction. Often it displays in the form of a runner and chaser dynamic. When one comes closer, the other one moves further away and the other way around. There is a certain codependency when it comes to karmic relationships. It is almost like you cannot live with each other but you can also not live without each other.

Karmic relationships come in your life to help you clear karma. Sometimes you have shared a past life with this person and this past life has not completely been digested yet. An example is that you attract Sam because Sam was your mother in a past-life but Sam had to give you up for abortion that life. Within Sam this left an enormous guilt in the heartspace and a feeling of anger for having to make that decision. Within you that left a feeling of abandonment and not really feeling worthy of love. Since this did not fully get transformed in that lifetime, your soul carried it with you this lifetime. When you meet Sam you will instantly feel a recognition and an attraction. Both of your souls want to work things out in this lifetime and clear the trauma that is stuck inside of both of you.

This also brings me to the most important point of karmic relationships. Karmic relationships are usually not meant to be romantic partners! You are simply meant to spend time with one another to heal but you do not have to jump into a relationship with that person. It is thus important to start noticing the difference between attraction and feeling deep love for someone. This took me a while to figure out. At the beginning I fell in love with someone the moment I felt attracted to someone. Now I can separate those feelings a lot more and can differentiate feeling deep love from an attraction.


Maybe you have also heard of twinflames. Theory goes that when we came to this earth, our soul was split into two different parts, a masculine and a feminine half. Sometimes we will encounter our other half in this lifetime again, also called our twinflame. A twinflame does not have to be of the opposite sex, they can also be of the same sex.
The attraction with a twinflame is gigantic. When I met my twinflame, we were hardly able to be close to each other. When I was standing a meter away from him, I would feel this enormous rush of energy going through my body, as if he was touching me but he was not. Often twinflames have an enormous amount of telepathy too. I always knew where my twinflame was even if he was not around. I would almost see him sitting on the beach.

Meeting a twinflame is very intense. Interacting with your twinflame is not easy because when you look into the eyes of your twinflame you will see everything that you do not love from yourself yet. Spending time with your twinflame is thus very confronting, because all the parts of yourself that you have carefully put away suddenly come to light. Twinflames also very often end up in a runner-chaser dynamic because it is simply too intense to spend full-time with your twinflame. You spend time together, get confronted and then need a break to incorporate and integrate all the healing that just happened. That is why twinflame relationships often end up lasting years. It would be too intense for most people to rush this process. That being said, I have to admit my twinflame and me were only together for three months but I needed months afterwards to recover.

Twinflames are often in your life to form a romantic connection with. However, there are not many twinflame relationships that last the test of time. Twinflames will transform you more than any other person in your life and hence you can be very grateful when you meet your twinflame in this lifetime. Try to enjoy the beauty of it and realize that all that comes up for healing is already sitting inside of you. It is not the fault of the twinflame. He or she is simply mirroring those parts to you so that they can come up to the surface and be released.


And then there is such a thing as soulmates. Even though the attraction with a soulmate can also be pretty big, it feels different. It feels like deep love in a way and you can usually resist the urge to jump on each other.

When you meet your soulmate, you will recognize a lot of things in each other. Soulmates allow you to rest and come home within yourself. This is the most important difference between a soulmate relationship and the other two above. With a soulmate you can rest, while with a karmic and twinflame relationship there is little rest involved.

Soulmates often share the same lessons in this lifetime. And hence you are allowed to spend a larger amount of your time together and help each other with these lessons. It is a nice balance between learning and resting which allows this relationship to last longer than the other two. Sometimes soulmates will grow apart when their lessons are learned, but some soulmates will stay together for life. It depends on the path that is written for you and how much you are set out to learn and experience in this lifetime.


I hope that by now it is a bit more clear what the difference is between a soulmate, twinflame and karmic connection. Next time when you feel an immense attraction to someone, ask yourself in which category this person could be. Sometimes attraction is just attraction, sometimes there is a deeper love to explore.

In the end life is a mystery and so is love. But knowing and understanding a little bit more about the different kinds of relationships can help you to gain some perspective. So that next time you think you have met the one, you can double check with yourself whether this really is the one or whether they simply came into your life to help you with an important lesson.
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