Spiritual union

The last few days my heart has cracked open. The walls of my heart had been crumbling down for years, but this experience was different. It felt like I was a nut being cracked open. I felt so vulnerable and raw. Like everything entered my system without any constraints. It is hard to describe. 

I always wanted my heart chakra to open. It sounds like more light and love can enter that way. But I forgot that when your heart really opens more of everything can enter. The walls fall down and there is no filter anymore between you and the world. We find union within ourselves and feel like we do not have to hide parts of ourselves any longer to the world. Our heart opens. To ourselves.

Getting into spiritual union is not an easy path. I would love to take you through my experience. Maybe it will give you some help, support or guidance on your own journey towards opening your heart. 

Masculine and feminine energy

We have two types of energies within us. We have a masculine energy and a feminine energy. Everyone, independent of whether they are male or female, transgender or queer, has both of these energies inside of them. 
Let’s examine them. The masculine energy is the energy of yang, of action. It's the energy of getting things done, of standing up for ourselves, of drawing boundaries and providing a structure. The feminine energy is one of taking a step back, of surrendering to the energy that is there, of nurturing and care. It's more about not doing than doing. It's the energy of that which is yet to be manifested. 

Just like in a relationship, the masculine and feminine energies affect each other. What happens when you see a relationship where the masculine does not dare to stand up for himself? The feminine will often hide as well, and is scared to open fully because it knows that there's not a safe container to work within. The opposite can happen too. I remember one of my first relationships. We were both in our masculine energy and constantly moving. There was no space for being and for rest. We got exhausted but even more importantly, we both felt like we were not good enough, like we had to keep on moving to prove ourselves.

Just like Yin and Yang, the masculine and feminine need each other to function. When the boundaries are clear and the container is well defined, the feminine will feel safe to fully open and stand in her feminine power of creation.

Bringing these energies into balance

Many females these days grow up with a strong masculine energy. We learn that we need to do things in order to get somewhere. We learn that we need to stand up for ourselves, protect ourselves and work hard to achieve our dreams. The masculine learns the same. So there's no space for the feminine. There is no space for creating from a different place and for nurturing our emotions and inner world.

That's why there's so much push at the moment to bring feminine power back. The whole me too movement, feminists standing up and men embracing their more soft side. Both male and females are working on the same thing: The rise of the feminine energy inside of themselves.

And the more open and vulnerable we become, the more clear the container should be in which you operate. Without clear boundaries there's no safety to open and express yourself. Think about going to a women's or men's circle in which it feels unsafe. Nobody would really dare to speak their truth. But if a safe place is built by the facilitator and clear rules are set, people might express their most honest and vulnerable selves.

The more space we give to the feminine, the stronger the masculine needs to become within us too. There's no feminine without the masculine. Nor is there a masculine without a feminine. Both are different sides of the same coin.

Ways to notice that union is close

When the masculine and feminine inside of you are starting to come into balance, an inner union will appear. In this union you have embraced both sides of your being and your heart can really open. Often this goes together with meeting your spiritual life partner on the outside. Because the outside reflects how we feel inside.

But how do you know when a union is near? Let’s name a few things that you might notice:

  • You dare to speak up in whatever situation. You no longer hold back your truth
  • You smoothly transition between working hard and action, and resting and rejuvenating
  • You feel your own self-love expanding every day
  • You feel more love towards other people and the world around you
  • Your genital chakra is starting to open. You feel energy flowing through your womb or penis again.
  • You feel a sense of safety and peace from within
  • You are no longer really needing anything from the outside world. You experience a sense of neutrality towards everything and are no longer attached to the things you always wanted
  • You might see signs in nature that union is near. Butterflies circling around each other, animals spending time together, animals kissing or making love.
  • You feel energy going through both of your feet and you feel very grounded

Spiritual union

And then the moment comes that you feel your masculine and feminine completely merge. The walls around the heartbreak and the heart fully melts. There is no separation anymore between you and the outside world. You have become the world. You feel a softening that you have never experienced before and know that you have reached inner balance. You are held by your masculine and your feminine can deeply open and feel safe.

How do you know this moment is there? I think it'll be different for everyone. For me it went as follows. I woke up in the middle of the night on a full moon eclipse day and felt like I wanted to sit in on the ceremony. As I was sitting there I saw a bright white light coming down from the sky into my body together with an integration of the 333 frequency that had been entering my system a while ago. I saw the shape that I had drawn when I first encountered this frequency but now this shape had taken form in my human body. At the same time I felt my heart expand larger and larger and I knew that I was so much more than just a human being. I was a carrier of light and felt humbled by the allowance to carry this light in the world.

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