Experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Isn’t it ironic that a child gets born in a fully awakened state while we as adults have to re-learn this state by going through a spiritual awakening process? A baby has to learn life skills like walking, eating and going to the toilet. And we have to learn to have the beginner’s mind of a baby again…

Imagine what the world would look like from the eyes of a baby? Imagine that you would see everything for the very first time. Visualize simply being and surrendering to the fact that you are taken care of fully. Imagine laughing so loud one moment and crying the next. Imagine being able to express whatever you want to express. Think about having no filter and simply connecting to whatever is around you. Just imagine.
There is so much we can learn from observing children in this world. They help us remember. They help us to remember the purity and blissful state that we came from. So that we can make a conscious choice to go back to this state whenever we feel ready.

What is a spiritual awakening?

In a way this is what we call awakening. We are awakening to the idea that we are a multidimensional being. We are a soul living a human experience. In my opinion, a spiritual awakening happens when we realize that there is something more to life than just the tangible and visible reality that is in front of us. It is the moment that we realize that something like energy exists and that energy has an effect on our day-to-day life.

Two types of spiritual awakenings

A spiritual awakening can happen very sudden with one specific event that triggers it in us. Or more gradual and over a longer period of time. An example of a sudden spiritual awakening is when you have a near-death experience. You then experience what happens after death but still are allowed to come back to the earth after. Then you have received a glimpse of the other world and cannot ignore that anymore. Another example is when someone passes away and you feel like there is a special connection with the spirit world happening between you and that person. Some people will know that family members pass away before they actually receive the physical information. Others experience magical things while their relative is passing away. When my grandfather passed away for example, he had had trouble communicating for weeks and was not speaking clearly. When I left, however, he called me back by my name and said: ‘Everything is already here’. I was the last person he saw before he moved on to the other side. 

Most people experience a more gradual spiritual awakening.

They might run into certain questions or problems in their life to which they cannot find a rational answer. A burn-out is a good example of this. A burn-out often goes together with a spiritual awakening since it is the soul showing through the body that it can no longer do what it has always done and that change is needed. The body is showing a sudden stop. In this the soul can be reawakened and changes can be made in reality so that a life can be created that is more in line with the soul.

What if…
Because how beautiful would it be to be able to experience joy and purity in every moment? To see everything in life with the wonderous eyes of a child? And to feel a deep connection to everything that lives around us? It is not always easy, whatsoever. This requires us to let go of some of our ideas about the world that we have carefully constructed. It asks from us to tune into our heart space and question whether the life we live right now is our best and most meaningful life possible. It requires us to be brutally honest with ourselves and other people and scramble our courage to make changes.

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