The secret of healing

Do you know the secret of healing?

Healing needs an anchor. Just like a ship needs an anchor to stay in one location, we need an anchor for energy to actually be able to move in and out of our body. Without an anchor energy can also move but it does not know where to go. It is like you jump in a car but have no final destination. Energy that moves without direction is simply chaos. Are you confused? Don’t worry. Let me explain into detail what I mean.
Have you ever tried to heal while you are in an unstable situation? Maybe your partnership did not feel safe, maybe you were moving location, or maybe the house in which you grew up literally felt unsafe. In a situation like that the body moves into a closing state. It becomes focused on survival. On meeting the basic needs of belonging, food and shelter. One of the ways to recognize this state is from the desire to eat more in those situations or making sure you are constantly surrounded by people. This response to the situation is completely normal. The body is simply doing everything to survive and food and people can help in that.

The first secret of healing

Healing, however, cannot happen when we are in a closed state. One of the secrets of healing is that it requires an openness, a safety. Only then our body can shift from a state of survival to a state of energy exchange with the environment so that healing can take place. Because our body naturally wants to heal. There is nothing we need to do for healing to occur, despite what we often think. But we do need to make sure the right conditions are met so that energy exchange can take place. A good example of how this works in practice is getting sick just when you are about to go on holiday. Your body knows shifted into a state of openness and relaxation and that is the movent you become sick, or energy is able to move in and out of your body and you can heal.

The second secret of healing

So openness and safety is one secret of healing. But there is one more important secret for healing to occur! Healing requires an anchor. Energy needs an intention, a direction. This is often referred to as the law of intention. Think about taking a shower. Without the safety of the bathtub and the intention of taking a shower, it would simply be a pool of water filling your bathroom. Not ideal, right? For deep healing to occur we need to give the energy a direction. And what better direction to give than the direction of already being healed. So when you are in the midst of trauma healing, remind yourself of your power, your wholeness. And when you are in the middle of a heartbreak, remind yourself of how love feels.

The anchor is often the opposite of the direction that the healing is pulling you in. This takes some practice. Because it requires you to stay present in the midst of healing. You have to allow the healing to occur naturally but also bring in consciously the opposite to give the energy the right direction to move towards. A focus on the darkness, will bring about more darkness. A focus on light will bring more light and this is usually what we need when we are healing our shadow sides.

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