The power of the womb

A blog especially for the ladies out there. How connected do you feel to your womb?

Did you know that your womb is the place of creation? It’s the place that actually allows things to be birthed in the external world. Everything that unfolds in your life, has first been a seed in your womb space. There is a reason why life gets created in our womb space. But not only babies, all of life! It is an incredible portal of creation with infinite possibilities. Our womb is directly connected to mother earth and thereby it is a manifestation portal that we actually carry inside of our bodies.

The rise of the feminine

I’ve never felt too much of a connection with my womb. For many years when I was growing up I actually wanted to be a boy. I refused to wear dresses and went to swimming class with just shorts. I feel no shame writing this, because it was part of my journey. Womanhood has definitely caught up on me. Now I own many dresses and love being feminine in my own way. I think I only started embracing femininity when I realized that there’s no one way to be feminine, but everyone has their personal ways. For me it is slowing down, nurturing myself, cooking, walking around in the garden and doing some witchy magic. When I realized that’s just as feminine as wearing make-up or spending the whole night chatting with girls, it was like a weight fell off my shoulder. I’m feminine after all.

Day by day, I started enjoying being feminine more. And as I did, I became more interested in one of the main things that makes us feminine: Our womb space.

Connecting to the womb

Let’s do a little practice. Place your hands underneath your belly button with both thumbs facing each other and both pointy fingers also facing each other but down towards the ground. So your hands are creating a downwards triangle with your womb right in the middle. Now breathe in and breathe out through your hands. Do you feel any energy going towards your womb space? Any tingling sensations or warmth? When you feel that there’s a bit of a connection created, you can visualize that you enter your womb space through this triangle. What does your womb space look like? Find a comfortable spot inside and just sink into the space. What is it like there? How does it feel?

This exercise might take some practice, but it is an amazing practice to do on a daily basis to connect with your womb space. The more you do it, the easier it will become and the more relaxed and powerful you will feel. Relaxed and powerful yes, because our womb space is the thing that creates life. But life does not get created by pulling and pushing, it gets created from relaxation and joy (just like sex).

The power of creation

The more you will feel connected to your womb space, the more you will feel like you’re the creator itself. The womb is one of the most powerful portals of manifestation. Whatever seed you plant in the womb space, will come true in the physical world in a matter of time. In your womb lies the power of creation!

But the womb is also the place where you can deeply connect to the earth. It’s the place where you can really feel like you belong and where you can find home within yourself. Because when we are truly grounded, we’ll feel like we can connect to the earth and connect to other people around us. It’s like we can fully stand on the two legs we’ve been given and energy can flow in and out of us. So the womb is also the place to find the grounding within yourself. And with grounding comes security and a feeling of relaxation. A feeling of ‘I’m good where I am’.

So, it's really worthy to connect with your womb! 

By simply placing your hands on your womb every day and by saying that you would like to feel more connected, a whole new world can open for you. A world where you can create that which you desire and where you can feel fully at home within yourself.
We will write more blogs about this in the future and maybe even a course to connect to your feminine power!

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