Why do I keep on awakening at 3AM?

For many years I would wake up at 3am. Sometimes I would be bright awake for hours. At the beginning it annoyed me, because my mind wanted to sleep. But then some magical things started happening. I started getting the best ideas at 3am. Sudden revelations and insights would be shown. So I started writing and writing and writing. And then my soul was calm again and would easily fall asleep.

Do you keep on awakening at 3am too?

Do not worry. It is for a clear reason. At this time the veil is thinner between the human world and the spiritual world and it is thus much easier to receive messages at that time. Especially when we tend to ignore certain emotions or things in our daily life, these will be able to pass through in the middle of the night.

Why at 3am, you might wonder? Well, you have already had at least one cycle of deep sleep and are thus super relaxed. Your mind is fully at ease and your shield is down. During the day you are preventing a lot of things to come through, mostly probably unconsciously. Simply because it is inconvenient to feel all these emotions when you are at work or with your family. At 3am it is still pretty inconvenient to feel these emotions but since your mind is not so strong, they will find their way through much more easily.

Awakening at 3am is a good thing, I tell you.

Let me give you two reasons. It allows emotions to be moved inside of your body that will otherwise start causing blockages in your physical body. Because when emotions are stuck and resisted, they will find a place in the physical body to remind you that they need healing. Another reason why awakening at 3am is a good thing is because it is much easier to reach the spirit world at that time and to receive messages. Unconscious questions and worries might thus suddenly be answered for you in the middle of the night.

Three tips how to deal with awakening at 3am

Let me give you three tips:

  • Relax and allow: Allow it to happen. Do not try to resist the process. Your soul has your back, babe! Ease into it and see what you feel like doing. There is no should-do at this time but trust your inner compass and your intuition. Maybe you want to switch on the light, maybe you want to go for a walk through the moonlight or maybe you want to write.

  • Keep a notebook close: Personally I find that when there are no specific emotions that want to be felt, that there is insights wanting to come through. So I always keep a notebook next to my bed. To write down whatever comes through, to draw, to sketch. Often, straight after I finish, I fall back asleep. It is almost like spirit woke me up to write down these things. Writing can thus help to make awakening at 3am a bit more efficient. We are human beings after all, so of course we want to be efficient at 3am too.

  • Watch yourself the next morning: You might come downstairs and your boyfriend asks you: ‘How did you sleep, honey?’ That is the moment that we are focusing on then. You have two options here: Either you tell him that you slept bad and woke up at 3am, or you tell him that you had such a good night full of insights. Here is where you are in control of the rest of your day. The first one will make you feel tired and grumpy and will make you feel like you needed more sleep. The second one will make you forget about the night and have plenty of energy for the day. Trust me, I have tried both, and the difference is insane. We often do not need as much sleep as we think we need. Whatever we receive is okay for us, but since we keep on telling ourselves that we need more, the mind starts believing that we do need more and sending us messages that we are tired. So watch yourself the morning after awakening at 3am and make sure you say the right words.

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But for now, happy insights in the middle of the night!
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