What healing means

Every body talks about healing these days. I am working on my healing process. I am going to a healer to work through some things. I am going to a yoga and healing retreat. But what does healing mean? 

There is enough healing options to choose from to fill a life time of healing. Ancestral healing, shamanic healing, womb healing, shadow healing, sound healing, you make your pick. There is so much out there that the starting healer has no idea where to begin.

In this article we talk we talk about what healing means and what is a good place to start your healing process. Before we talk about what healing means, let's take the analogy of a broken car. 
If your car is broken, you go to the mechanic to fix it, right? And maybe maybe if it's really bad, you change it for a different car. It is hard to change our energetic system for a different one, however, so we are asked to know a good mechanic or be our own mechanic.

Just like with your car, all elements are connected to each other. In the spiritual system all elements are linked too. Your energy influences your emotions, your thoughts and your physical body. When a problem appears in your physical body, it is already manifested inside of your body in the form of energy. 

When we take the easy way out healing means focusing on the energy system of your body and seeing which parts need to be updated, which parts need to be repaired and which parts need to be removed. 

But then we forget one important difference between your car and you. You have always been whole. Inside of you there is a version that is completely healed and fixed already. It is like inside of you there is your perfect self sitting. So healing actually means to remember, to remind yourself of the fact that you are already whole. And when you remind yourself of this, the parts that are not vibrating with that will start moving automatically . Healing thus brings up the parts of yourself that do not believe they are whole. When these parts come up they can start moving and transforming until they are whole again. 

In other words, you are the car but you are also the mechanic of the car and a perfect version of the car at the same time. Complicated? For sure. That is why it is good to be guided through this process, because it messes with the concepts of our minds and is kind of hard to understand . It is hard to know where to go when you are the mechanic, the old car and the new car at the same time... 

That is one of the reasons why we started The Healer Academy. Because my healing process started in a time when there was not much available yet and I had to figure everything out on my own. As you can imagine it took me quite some years but now I paved a road that works well and makes me feel lighter and lighter every day.

I want to share this road with you in The Healer Academy. I want to show you the way so that you can find your own style and form in the healing process. So that you can also start feeling more and more light every day and start believing in the best version of yourself. 

Because what healing means is that you are already whole. You just need to remember. Day in and day out you need to remember that you are whole so that the darkness can come to the light. In The Healer Academy we also give you tools what to do with these darker parts that come up and we help you to remember who you are and who you have always been.

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