The 5 stages of awakening

A spiritual awakening can be said to have different stages.

In this blog we will tell you a bit more about the five different stages of awakening. The exact stages are different for every individual and the time frame that a stage lasts also changes per person. For most people the awakening process lasts between 3 and 7 years but sometimes the process will be more gradual and last over 20 years. There is no one theory that fits all. The process will unfold in the best way possible for you. So that your body can integrate all the changes that are happening and so that you can ascend to a higher frequency.

The five stages of awakening

In order to help us to have a bit of a feeling for the spiritual awakening process, let’s look at the five stages of awakening:

  1. Waking up: We start noticing that something different is at place than we always thought. We begin to notice energies and synchronicities and questions start to arise. To what extent is the reality what I always thought it was? In this stage there is an excitement and a feeling of adventure. There is also a feeling of confusion and feeling lost because the way you perceive reality is suddenly changing.

  2. The search: This is where the search begins. There is a deep wish inside of us to understand deeper what is going on and to find answers to our questions. If this is not reality how I have always seen it, then what is really at play? At this stage we are often doing courses and going to many spiritual events. We start exploring the world of spirituality in the hope to find answers to our questions. This stage is characterized by an intrinsic motivation to explore. An openness and sense of adventure and a certain sense of spiritual seeking.

  3. Feeling home: As we are finding tools to connect deeper to ourselves, we are also experiencing a deeper connection to the world and other beings. Until this point in our lives, we might not have felt completely at home. Just when we dive into the spiritual world we get a feeling of what home is. We might find a community in which we feel like we can really be ourselve. Or we might also realize that there are parts of ourselves that want to come to expression more and more. This stage can be shown as a feeling of home, peace and bliss. It is a homecoming to your soul.

  4. Healing: In this stage we realize that a lot of things are needed to be done in order to get back to our true blueprint, to who we really are. We start the healing process in which we heal the parts in our soul that have been hidden and suppressed over time. This period is one of ups and downs and can take years. Hopefully we encounter people along the way that can guide us on our journey. This stage is quite dark, because our shadows start coming to light. But in order to allow the light to fully flow through us, we need to transform the darkness. As you do so, more and more light will be able to enter. This period is characterized by many cycles and mood swings. People often experience loneliness during this time and exhaustion. There is a sense of relief but also a sense of hopelessness, because how much longer will this go? This stage is also beautiful because many of us move into our purpose and passion during this stage. Here we start working in the spiritual field. The healing stage goes together with becoming your own healer and a healer for people around you if you have aspirations to do so.

  5. Being: After many years of healing, we will be able to move back into the realization that we have always been whole. This is an interesting point because it makes you wonder what the healing was for. If we are complete and perfect already, then why do we need healing? I believe we need healing before we can transcend to being. There is a point in which we realize that we can transcend the level of healing and instead of focussing on the darkness inside of us, we can focus on the light inside of us. This stage goes together with some confusion as reality changes once again but also with a deeper sense of relaxation and peace. During this stage your work might change slightly so that it better fits the process that you are in. As we are entering this stage, we will be able to guide people through their spiritual awakening process as we have completely walked through the different stages ourselves.

Help on your journey through the stages of awakening

Which stage of the awakening process are you in? We have built an academy to assist beautiful souls like yourself on the path of awakening. In the Healer Academy there are courses that fit with every single stage of the process as well as a community of like minded souls that are on the same path. We would love to guide you on your journey towards being.

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