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If you're looking to amplify your spiritual potential and radiate your light everywhere you go, then this is the book for you. In our free ebook we give you five magical tips to shine bright and to maintain your radiance throughout the day.  
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++ Helpful tips ++

Inside, you'll find helpful tips to turn your light on. From cultivating mindfulness to taking moment throughout the day to cultivate self-care. 

++ Practical exercises ++

Allow yourself to practice the tips by following the exercises that are inside the ebook. After the ebook you will be able to apply the tips in a practical way in your life.

++Theoretical background++

Understand more about the theory behind some of the things that can enhance your inner radiance by reading the background of the tips.
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Nick, Student for 13 months
"I recently downloaded this eBook and I have to say it's one of the most comprehensive resources I've ever come across. Roosmarijn provides practical tips and strategies for upgrading your inner radiance.  The content is well-organized and presented in a way that's easy to digest."
Sofia, Student for 5 months
"Since reading this ebook, I've been able to identify areas where I need to improve and have already started seeing results. It is crazy how many small things make a big difference. I really feel like I am shining more bright after applying all the tips of the ebook. Thank you!."
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"I always thought that inner radiance would come naturally but over time I realized it takes effort and persistence to shine our light bright every single day. That is when I started noting down things that were helpful for me and started creating this ebook so that others can benefit from the things I learned too."
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