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Wisdom of the Body

There is one source of wisdom that is always within us: The wisdom of our bodies.

In this physical healing course you discover how to start speaking the language of your body so that you can tap into all the wisdom it has for you!


6 weeks


€ 333

Exercises and meditations


Discover the wisdom of your body

This body awareness therapy course contains all the information you need to start understanding your physical body and access the wisdom inside

Creating safety to stay inside your body

Many people tend to fly out of their bodies because they feel unsafe. We help you to create safety within your body so that you can stay on this beautiful planet with us.

Understand the language of your body

We teach you how your body speaks to you and learn you to become much more aware of the body so that you can start picking up all the beautiful messages it has for you.

Become an expert at what your body needs

When you truly understand what your body is telling you, it will be your best friend. You will know what to eat and when, and when to take action and when to rest. 

Course outline

Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Roosmarijn

My body and I have been on quite a journey. Most of my work has evolved around working with the human body. For many years I was a personal trainer and helped people reach physical goals. After that, I was running a mental coaching company, where I allowed people with a burn-out to understand themselves through sports. And now I'm running a successful spiritual company in which I use my own physical body as a vessel to remind people of their own self-healing potential.

As you are the one that are carrying your beautiful body, it is worth it to invest in the relationship that you have with your body and to start understanding the messages that it wants to give off. So I encourage you to choose this course and to start the journey of becoming an expert at understanding your own body.
Patrick Jones - Course author

Frequently asked questions

What is Basic Body Awareness Therapy (BBAT)?

BBAT is a therapeutic approach that focuses on enhancing physical and mental well-being through the development of body awareness, movement quality, and mindful presence.

Who can benefit from physical healing courses?

Physical healing courses are suitable for individuals recovering from injuries, dealing with chronic pain, or anyone interested in improving their overall physical health and vitality.

How do spiritual healing courses complement BBAT and physical healing?

Spiritual healing courses offer a holistic approach to well-being, complementing the physical focus of BBAT and physical healing by addressing the energetic and emotional aspects of health.

How do your courses help in developing body awareness?

Our courses offer practical exercises and techniques designed to heighten your sense of body awareness, helping you recognize and respond to your body’s needs and signals.

What are the key components of your basic body awareness therapy courses?

The key components include mindfulness-based practices, gentle movement exercises, and guided reflections to foster a deeper connection with your body.

Can I take a physical healing course if I have no prior experience?

Yes, our physical healing courses are structured to accommodate beginners and provide step-by-step guidance to ensure a comfortable and enriching learning experience.

What outcomes can I expect after completing a course in developing body awareness? 

After completing the course, you can expect improved posture, reduced stress levels, enhanced movement efficiency, and a greater sense of harmony between your body and mind.
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