the healing journey of roosmarijn

A long and winding road

Embodying the archetypes of the shaman and the mother, Roosmarijn has truly faced a long and winding road. She has faced most challenges on her own, which helps her to understand deeply wherever you are at at your own journey.

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My spiritual healing journey started when I was walking the Camino de Santiago, a hiking path of over 600 kilometers crossing the entire North of Spain. On the last day I remember it was super cloudy, but as we made our descent into Santiago de Compostela, the end point of a long trip, the sun started peaking through. When we arrived on the main square, I felt the sunrays coming through strongly on my crown chakra and heard the clock hitting 12 o’clock. This moment activated my inner knowing. I knew that there was something more that had an effect on our daily life.

The years that followed I started developing healing episodes out of nowhere. I suddenly started shaking with my body and it was very hard to stop. Somewhere deep inside I knew this was part of my path and it was not epilepsia. I managed to convince other people around me not to bring me to hospital but was very scared and confused what was happening to me.


One day I visited a healer and she told me that the healing episodes had started because of a past life that I had shared with my boyfriend at that time. In the past life, he was my perpetrator and I was emprisoned. I was tight at my ankles and wrists and only able to shake to try to escape. This explained so much and deeply resonated with me at a soul level.

Strange things kept on happening to me that led me deeper and deeper onto the spiritual path. My grandfather spoke to me a set of very clear last words even though he had not spoken words for the last few months because of dementia. I also kept on getting sick abroad and faced death a few times but these illnesses helped me to understand my body at a deep level which proved to be my main tool to work with later on. On top of that, my intuition became clearer and clearer and I started knowing what would happen before things were actually happening.

I wanted to explore this more and gain more understanding of the spiritual world and my capacities. In Amsterdam I encountered a spiritual school where I was able to take classes in intuitive development, astral travelling, self-love and breathing. For the first time I really felt at home. At the school it felt like I was finally able to be who I was deep inside.


Even though I grew up with science and in a very rational environment, the pull towards spirituality slowly became bigger and bigger. At the time I was still working as a surf teacher in Portugal. After the season I was hoping to rebuild my mental coaching business online but nothing seemed to work. The doors seemed shut and when I went home that Christmas I felt desperate.

What was I supposed to do? I picked up a book about the Akashic Records and asked friends to send questions to me just for fun. Then, I sat there and tuned in and all this information came to me. Initially I thought the information was nonsense, but when I sent voice messages to friends with the information I received, they were shocked and started referring people to me. Within that day my company was born: Waves of Life.


The last four years I have helped clients from all over the world to gain a bigger understanding of their soul and intuition. With over a 1000 reading and healing sessions and clients from the US, India, Argentina, New Zealand and all over Europe my experience grew and grew. And as we can only help people with things that we have already overcome, I faced many healing obstacles myself the last few years. It was a tough path where I had to come to terms with the darkest parts of my soul.

Over the years I kept on travelling all over the world. During my travels new parts of my soul would open up to me and new healing gifts would become available. In Sri Lanka my past lives started showing itself to me. In Costa Rica my hands became extremely powerful and I started picking up visions of the land. And in Guatemala the power of sound came to me. While my backpack and my emotional body became lighter and lighter, my healing toolbox became bigger and bigger. I continued helping people wherever I went.

During this time a lot of weird stuff happened to me and I kept on praying for guides along the way. The guides never came on a physical level. I was meant to do it alone. To really understand how it works myself so that I can now share my teachings with you. I was lucky enough to be mentally and emotionally supported along the way which kept me going even when I was stuck in the middle of the darkness.


Recently I shifted from the healing to the being phase and as I did so, I realized that it was time to collect all the things I have learned during the many years of healing and build The Healer Academy. Because healing is not something that we should do alone. It is a process that should be shared by likeminded people that are on the same path. 

The Healer Academy consists of the most important things I have learned and experienced on my healing journey. I would love to be the guide for you that I never had and make your healing journey a little bit lighter and easier.

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